Rachel is an asset to any project. Her knowledge base, attention to detail and dedication to her clientele is second to none. I would recommend FCSI’s services to anyone looking for quality construction consulting services and superior customer care.”
 Urata & Sons Cement, Inc., Rancho Cordova, CA
David Acrell Urata & Sons Cement, Inc., Rancho Cordova, CA
"Rachel's services are something I will not live without. No matter how small, large, oddball or complex the project she immediately starts working on it without question. 100% reliable and is a pleasure to work with everytime. I know when I call FCSI I am in good hands. She is a strong asset to anyone or any company who needs her."
 Sunrun, Inc., San Francisco, CA
Stacy Anderson Sunrun, Inc., San Francisco, CA
"I had the very good fortune to work with Rachel during the construction of a native American gaming facility in Northern California. The challenges for this fast track project many times appeared to be overwhelming. Rachel has the unique ability of never becoming flustered during the very worst of times when deadlines seemed almost impossible to meet. She always met her obligation for of making certain the necessary deliverables were on time and was able to do so in a pleasant and professional manner (no simple task when being surrounded by many that were less than calm). Given the opportunity to work with Rachel again would be most favorably received. I unhesitatingly endorse Rachel as an accomplished provider of management and coordination services beyond the limits of that which may be required in the construction industry."
 JRS Project Management, Henderson, NV
Richard Miller JRS Project Management, Henderson, NV
Frantz Constructions Solutions, Inc.'s ability to evaluate Concrete North, Inc.'s requirements, and ultimately propose a better solution than we initially anticipated, undoubtedly paid off as our business grew. FCSI consistently engages their clients at the business strategy level helping them to solve problems, and in the process, delivering a rapid return on investment that is mandatory in today’s economy. Thanks to FCSI's knowledge of the business we were able to start our business and keep our business on the right track
President, Concrete North, Inc., Galt, CA
Jim Grimes President, Concrete North, Inc., Galt, CA
I am a homeowner. My husband and I initially started working with FCSI on a large home improvement project (foundation repair) when we didn't know where to start and where to turn. We knew we could trust them to advocate on our behalf and make sure the work got done well and thoroughly. For the course of our project, FCSI helped us evaluate the estimates we were given, served as a go-between for us and our contractor, visited the work site so they could better understand the work we wanted done, was able to visit the work site to meet with the contractor to discuss work, and more importantly, was a reassuring, knowledgeable resource for us. FCSI did an exceptional job for us. FCSI was always prompt, thorough, focused and was always an advocate for us. If you are at all short of time or experience and want to feel confident about the work you're getting done; hire FCSI to help you. You will not regret it.
Homeowner, Sausalito, CA
Stephanie P. Homeowner, Sausalito, CA